Clear vision

Very early, I knew that the only object in life was to grow. — Margaret Fuller

Approaching 30 has, perhaps inevitably, made me want to focus more on the direction I am going in.

I’ve spent my 20s like a lot of people I know: partying, experimenting and wondering what I’ll be when I “grow up”. Nowadays I’m appreciating that it’s a process and I feel I am ready to commit myself to a journey of living a life of awareness, meaning and fulfillment. I’m excited about my new outlook and have spent the last few months reading blogs by others that have documented their own journey towards a more meaningful and productive life, such as: Zen Habits, The Happiness Project, I Will Change Your Life, Ririan Project among others. These blogs have informed and inspired me for a while now, aswell as made me ask questions about my own thoughts and behaviours – as all personal growth materials should!

My employment background is based in the care sector, where I have spent several years as a support worker for people with learning disabilites; mental health issues or physical disabilities. This has been my paid passion and in the background I have spent time on an unpaid passion, writing. After asking myself a lot of questions about how I wanted to use my skills and how I saw the bigger picture, I realised I wanted to pursue my writing a lot more than I have done so already. I also realised how empowering it can be to act upon our realisations, in a large or small way.

Sorry to disappoint, no lightbulb went off in my head, no earth trembling moment, but a process of questioning led me to the conclusion that I should be finding ways of living my passions. This idea is not revolutionary, yet people still need permission to pursue it.

We’re all guilty of narrowin our focus at times and forgetting that there is more than one way of doing things. We have to be reminded that a little passion and creativity can get us wherever we want to be, aswell as opening doors we thought we didn’t have a key for. I would like to approach my 30s with a balanced mindset based around personal values, compassionate thinking and positive actions.

This is attainable for everyone and that is why I am starting this blog. To make myself accountable, to share insights and (hopefully) interesting ideas with you all and read your thoughts on the issues that matter!


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One Response to “Clear vision”

  1. mspennylane Says:

    I feel similarities with your new outlook on life, though I am 21 and obviously there is so much that I don’t know about my future including what I want to do. But I will be very interested to read more as you discover more about life and yourself.

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