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Clear vision

January 31, 2008

Very early, I knew that the only object in life was to grow. — Margaret Fuller

Approaching 30 has, perhaps inevitably, made me want to focus more on the direction I am going in.

I’ve spent my 20s like a lot of people I know: partying, experimenting and wondering what I’ll be when I “grow up”. Nowadays I’m appreciating that it’s a process and I feel I am ready to commit myself to a journey of living a life of awareness, meaning and fulfillment. I’m excited about my new outlook and have spent the last few months reading blogs by others that have documented their own journey towards a more meaningful and productive life, such as: Zen Habits, The Happiness Project, I Will Change Your Life, Ririan Project among others. These blogs have informed and inspired me for a while now, aswell as made me ask questions about my own thoughts and behaviours – as all personal growth materials should! (more…)